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About Us

A Long Long time ago in a galaxy Far Far away…lived….ooop wait a minute, we were both born and raised here in the Comox Valley!


Now thinking way back to NIC, travel agent program, that’s where we met…our friendship developed over long class hours, study groups, class Mexican Cruise and fun bbq’s.


We became and stayed friends and one night over many martinis’ at Snookers Sherry
convinced Kristina to join her in the baby making adventure….she wasn’t too hard to convince!


Our little girls were born in 2005, only 8 days apart.


We then carried on making many many more children…..well another each is all.


Being ambitious and sharing the love of quality local things, We bought the local Consignment store Little Me in a weekend, no time to think just do, is kind of how we roll...


We have grown our store into a flourishing business boasting all things Organic and Eco-Friendly.


Our love of cloth diapers (not to mention countless hours of research and testing) transformed us into Podlings.


We held a Valley wide contest to help us choose a name..Podlings are a wonderful creature from the Dark Crystal, forever happy eating only fruits and playing all day… Thanks to Jessica (our Queen Podling) for being the contest winner and helping us down our path.


We found we needed help and well, we like friends so we called upon Jesse (doula) and Helen
(local artist) to help in the fun….


We thank-you for support. We look forward to forming lasting relationships while treading lightly
on our Mother Earth..

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