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Consignment Terms and Conditions


                   Tel: 250.334.3483  Email: CALL OR MESSAGE FOR COVID-19 UPDATES


Consignment items are accepted Monday-Saturday.

If you have large amounts please call ahead to ease the process.

Consignment items are accepted seasonally; call ahead as we are generally a few months ahead of the season. Call if you are bringing a large item such as a stroller, highchair or change table, as we have limited space.


We do not accept-Carseats, Cribs, Helmuts or any Recalled Products/Toys or any items over 5 years of age


We will only accept items that are of recent fashion, that are freshly laundered, free of rips, pills and stains. We accept items that are in like new condition. We appreciate clothing that has the buttons and zippers fastened.

We do not accept items that have garage sale price tags of any kind.

We reserve the right to refuse any item not to our taste. We will not accept toys unless they include battery’s and all the pieces/stickers and are clean of dirt and dust


Generally all items are donated at the end of the contract. We donate our items overseas to help orphanages and missions. If there are some specific items you would like returned please let us know and we can do that. Some items will be held over to another term.


Contracts run for approximately 3 months(term) and items can go on sale for up to 50% off.


Consignment terms are 40% for you the Consignor - for items priced under $40.00. And for items priced over $40.00 you the consignor receive 60% of the sale.

For high priced items over $100.00 you the consignor receive 70% of the sale.


You can check your account at anytime, you can collect the cash/credit at anytime.  Inactive contracts are closed after 1 year.


We are not responsible for items stolen or damaged.


Thank-you for consigning with us, we value your continuing support.

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